Check out beautiful images from the desert

Photography by Judy Massey. The wonders of the desert from wildlife to beautiful sunsets.


Welcome to Desert Magic Photo! Come see the magic of the desert through the eyes and lens of photographer, Judy Massey, whose passion for nature and beauty is apparent throughout these pages.

Perhaps your eyes and senses need a break from the clutter and clatter, the power lines, the unending rows of buildings and streams of cars that often fill your view and your mind in the city.

Open the galleries under “Desert Photography” and find photographic works to delight the child in you! Here you will see both the simplicity and complexity of nature… beautiful desert landscapes with mountain vistas, abounding nature from coyotes to desert tortoises, explosions of wildflowers, the exotic Joshua Tree, amazing skies of every color, cloud-type and design to dream upon… and, so much more!

If you like what you see (and it’s difficult not to, with Mother Nature’s generous assistance in the works), these photographs can be purchased very reasonably through our secure check-out.

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